New Year’s Day Walk Around Combe Hay

Starting 10 am on Sunday 1st January 2017
at the Cross Keys Pub, South Stoke Road, Combe Down, BA2 5RZ.
Walk is about 6 miles and takes 3 hours.

A New Year’s Day walk to Upper Midford, Combe Hay village and walking part of the disused
Somersetshire Coal Canal. Bring a flask for the coffee stop.
ST 748 619. Map square A10.
Led by Cotswold Wardens: Wilf Dando & Pauline Vincent

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Day Walk Around Combe Hay

  1. Hello,
    Im currently researching a walking route around combe hay as part of my sisters pre wedding weekend! I have booked dinner in wheatsheaf but wanted to go for a walk for an hour or so in the area before as it looks so beautiful, I stumbled across your page from google 🙂 I just wanted to check if you could give me any idea of a route that may suit if possible? Im flying over from ireland so dont know the area.
    Thanks and sorry to bother you!

    1. Hello Natalie,
      Thank you for your interest. The Combe Hay walk we featured is organised by The Cotswold Wardens, so contacting them may be your best :// We know the routes well around the Corsham area, but not so the other side of Bath. Hope you enjoy your walk!

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