Reporting Path and Pollution Issues

If you encounter any path obstructions or issues with stiles and gates while walking in the Corsham area, please report them to the Wiltshire Council Rights of Way Team via the MyWiltshire online reporting tool. The Council will then work with local volunteer groups to address these issues.

Similarly if you observe signs of pollution with any of the rivers and streams flowing through the area, please report them to Wessex Water – who aim to investigate pollution incidents within two hours. As well as the obvious smell and sight of sewer waste, signs of pollution include: dead or gasping fish, soap suds or foam, stream has a cloudy/milky experience.

Also on the Wessex Water website, you can find details of the Water Guardian scheme being run in partnership with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust as well as ideas on how all of us can avoid blockages in our home and reduce the risk of pollution.